Come-Through CARDI B! Rapper Reveals Baby Bump on SNL Stage


It all seems like some spiritual irony of six degrees of separation that rapper Cardi B is out in these entertainment skreets breaking records and faces, taking reigns dropping jaws.

At this year’s Academy Awards show, just like Jennifer Garner most probably took the awkward Academy Award face from Chissy Teigen at the Globes, along with Rihanna, quip queen Chrissy got herself an awkward moment when the candid rapper shouted her out in the lyrics of her new song with rapper YG (“She Bad”)-a song from the hilarious rapper’s long-awaited debut album “Invasion of Privacy”:

“I need Chrissy Teigen / Know a bad bitch when I see one (yeah, woo) / Tell Ri-Ri I need a threesome” –spit the rapper.

Given her breakout start stemming from being plucked from the pole to the digisphere and reality television; most tried to stuff the rapper in to becoming nothing more than a one and some-hits wonder who didn’t have what it takes other than being where she came from and going no further than what she’s done so far: Break out past her breakout single “Bodak Yellow,” her features with Nicki Minaj, Migos, French Montana, ASAP Rocky, G-Eazy and Bruno Mars (just to name a few).





But somehow amongst all the doubter’s hocus-pocus, like magic, Cardi B stayed focus and delivered. And on April 6 Invasion of Privacy was all up in these sonser’s faces!


Fast forward to the rapper’s upcoming world-wind week of promoting the album with Late Night’s funny man Jimmy Fallon; the week’s shenanigans kicked off with a hilarious commercial for music streaming giant (Spotify)-tailoring its content conducive to the rapper’s (true) persona: laced with her world renown, notorious buzzwords that we can’t still yet call ‘words,’—like the letter keys of a Wheel of Fortune game show turning:



…or a cat call of sorts:




(trust me, I’m pop culture impresario. I know these things—and know just how to get my pizza in my hands with a Cardi B cat call): 


Unless you were somewhere lost in the sauce, just last night, the rap star scored her first appearance on SNL participating in a hilarious skit with Aidy Bryant as well as performing a single from her new album. While during, [she] dropped jaws and took the reign of the mid-performance baby-bump reveal owned by Beyonce once upon a time.



From the looks of things ‘come-through Cardi’ did just that up to and through this point and moment in time:

You can front if you want to but nothing she has spit on has been a disappointment and right now, it is her moment in time. So let Cardi come through and over the obstacles and perils having come her way. She amassed massive well-deserved success at being the household name that many of her haters dream about.

Although, like me, many, felt cheated that her first (world-stage) moment on television was crowded by the single with she + Bruno Mars (without her getting a chance to perform her hit in front of the world for that first time)…


…Cardi B still her got her moment last night.

The fans got that and more than what they expected as she put the rumors to rest that yes, she is expecting, and there was (indeed) more to come from her—musically (and literally):




In a moment not to long ago during one of her notoriously funny (yet serious) rants to her body-shaming haters, the rapper made reference that she was going to get lipo post preggers. But I’ll let Cardi tell you in her words:




Well. That “when” has now come.

But for now, come-through Cardi B, came through with what the haters said she couldn’t do:

Rumors of being with-child: Put to rest.

Record: Released.

Indeed, Cardi is finally free.

Let her B.


Author: Angela Sherice