COLIN KAEPERNICK Trolled on Twitter For Pumpin’ His Off-Season Workout Prowess

hi-res-74432e132b666759671140cc89ce260c_crop_northAs long as you’ve still got honies clear into 2015 with desperado struggle plates on social media–culinary courting and thirst trapping with scraps and other contraptions hoping to land a guy; by contrast, a guy can push his iron-pumping prowess and bravado in an effort to show you the power behind the person you see running the ball right?proxy (2)

So let the Forty-Niners’ Colin Kaepernick be great.

Earlier today after a 2-hour workout “study session” which included:

  • 1000 abs
  • an arm workout
  • and 10 minutes straight jump rope

…by which Colin bragged was a mere “recovery day” that by average standards is a hard-core workout, one fan by the name of Stephen Batten stepped to the plate to let Colin know he was the least bit impressed with all that he just pressed.Kaepernick-workout-twitter-02-18-15

And although (as you’ll see) Colin crapped on the guy for having [not literally] 8 followers, but-a few (“8” in Kaepernicks eyes), he may not have gained any muscle from his resistance-but hours later, he sure as hell gained over 1000 additional followers since the Twitter spat which has since, been deleted (so that people wouldn’t think he got his followers off of hype and kicking sh/t at Kaepernick perhaps?).


Check out their exchange here:

Say what y’all wanna say, it was me who gave Colin Kaepernick luster and life around these social media parts. LoL. Ever since I put that man on and gave him some shine, y’all just wont leave the man alone.

Smh. *lafz*

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