COLDPLAY’S CHRIS MARTIN Consciously a Carnivore Since “Uncoupling” with GWYNETH PALTROW

images (2) According to our friends at US Magazine, 2005’s Sexiest Vegetarian and one half of the “conscious uncouple” who’s back at one again, is also back to the beef: consciously a carnivore.

That’s right.

images (1) Chris Paltrow Chris Martin, 37, frontman of Coldplay who just recently “consciously uncoupled” with wife and mother of his daughter Apple, told BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright, of Steve Wright in the Afternoon that since his split with Gwyneth Paltrow, he’s no longer on a meat-free diet.

download (1)  In 2013, Paltrow, 41 (famously known for being strict about her diet) told The Guardian that she hadn’t eaten meat in two decades, stating: “I hung out with Leonardo DiCaprio when I moved to New York. He was vegetarian, and he’d talk about how dirty meat is and how bad factory farming is. I haven’t eaten red meat in 20 years, and although Leo’s not totally responsible, he definitely planted a seed.”

During Martin’s BBC interview with Wright, Wright asked Martin if he was still vegetarian and Martin replied: “Well, not really.”


Wright the asked: “What do you mean ‘not really’?”

Well, I eat meat,” the replied Martin-laughing.

He [Martin] continued: “I was vegetarian for quite a long time and then for various reasons I changed. My daughter’s vegetarian since she was born, so I keep getting tempted to go back. I don’t eat very much meat.”

He went on to explain: “I felt like you should only eat something that you’d be able to kill…You know, could you kill a fish? I wouldn’t like it, but I probably could, so I’ll eat the fish. But a giraffe…”

Midways through his explanation, Martin paused and joked: “I don’t know why on earth we’re talking about this. I’ve gotta stop talking—this will be some kind of headline.”

Welp. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Chris :



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