Cocker Spaniel’s Owner Leaves Her, Takes Younger Dog

Cookie_headerStrange things are happening in this world, I know, but who’da thunk we’d ever come to a day when a dog would have room roof to refer to a no-good human as “a dog.”

In this dog eat dog world sometimes as human it boils down to survival of the fittest in this human kingdom like that of the animal kingdom. Its commonplace to hear someone got left for someone younger but what’s a dog to do when her owner left her for a younger dog?

Cookie, a Cocker Spaniel believed to be 10 to 15 years old was left at the shelter when after she and another dog (a Labrador Retriever) were found roaming the streets.

Both Cookie and the Lab were brought to the City of San Bernardino Animal Control Shelter and when Cookie’s owner was contacted to pick her up, they came but left Cookie and retrieved the Labrador instead-leaving Cookie crumbling in tears.

Word got around that Cookie got dumped and OC Small Paws So UT pledged to oversee Cookie’s medical conditions that require special attention and place her with someone who too, would give her some special attention. She had already undergone surgery for cancer.

Fast forward.

Cookie’s no longer chip off the old block and unwanted anymore as, her adopted mom is enjoying her in all her slow moving glory.


The organization frequently updates their Facebook page on the goings on with Cookie who is still sickly and has 12 tumors, but is loved and tended to in a warm, comfy home with her new foster mom, Brittny Place.

“We have made the collective decision to not adopt her out. She will stay under the care of the rescue for the rest of her life in a local forever foster,” said OC Small Paws.



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