Clean Shaven, Free of Himself, and Out of His Own Way, TOM HANKS’ Son CHET HANKS Is Back With A New Leash on Life

Chet Hanks N word

If you remember, a few months ago we told yous about actor Tom Hanks’ son (Chet Hanks) going to great lengths to defend his use of the “N” word despite all the problems it was causing him in his personal and peer life, while chasing a dream by which he felt the direct correlation of a word defined him, the dream, the culture and therefore-all sentiments and terms of endearments should be shared raced-wide.

White people use that term… it is a unspoken thing amongst their black friends. I wouldn’t go up to any black person and say it if I don’t know them like that. I do have black friends that use it with me and I use it with them.

Well that wasn’t the same sentiment shared by all of his peers as, the rapper was ripped a new one when he used the word when posting onto his social media page-his song Juice.

Reportedly, Chet’s friend Scrilla King told TMZ he ended their six-year friendship over his use of the word.

It’s disrespectful. He thinks it’s a joke. He wakes up thinking he can be black today and know what we go through. He doesn’t. I wake up black every day, he does not.


Fast forward and on ward upward, Chet took to his social media page to let us all in on what’s been going on since his ni%%a shenanigans and such, while (then) insisting his

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