Civil Rights Leaders Demand Apology + Apology to LAPD From DJANGO UNCHAINED’s DANIELE WATTS


Sure, sex is on fire and even more exciting when you turn it up a notch by making out (or if you’re brave) going all the way in risky places. It’s just something euphoric about doing it in a place where you could possibly be caught.

Key word: Possibly.

Turn key: Definitely—no…we don’t want the doors opened on that…just a hint of “possibly” will suffice and satisfy the senses for experience’s sake.

Daniele Watss and boyfriendSeeing as though actress Daniele Watts and her boyfriend allegedly definitely caught having sex-and she was one girl interrupted while on her ride…(and considering the fact that are still talking about it);  we’re guessing they want to…uh…ride this thing on out.

No skin off our necks…we’ll assist.

0916-danielle-watts-django-sex-in-car-wm-sub2-3Just leave it up to our friends TerMiteZ to turn [an] “alleged” to [a] definite I tell ya. They will get that camera up in that cervix if they have to. I’ve seen then pull up on a defunct reality show star having given birth in a cabbie already! Don’t tell me, I know how they operate. TerMiteZ‘s gonna get those pics!

0916-danielle-watts-django-sex-in-car-wm-sub-3Well, our guys over there definitely got a hold of the photos of the scene and shin-dig (located just outside the CBS Studios) were Daniele was pictured pulled up to the bumper of her boyfriend—[you know…just…“making out,” is all].


But as it turns out, what had-happened was……. Daniele was actually spotted: (in skorts) straddling him, and grinding back and forth on top of him, with her breasts exposed while boyfriend was seen in the drivers seat with his legs and feet hanging out of the car-but supporting himself by latching on to the car’s sunroof.

As the story unfolded (since the original one), it was reported that the two lovebirds were first warned that they were in plain view of offices nearby (looking down-in). After which, they carried on. The eyewitness reported that after the two finished, the boyfriend (whose name is Brian Lucas) reached into the glove box, grabbed a tissue and wiped himself and his lady love down…………….. and then tossed the DNA straight out to the pastures, wind, and cement.

(That was when the cops were called and the two were charged with indecent exposure).

At the time of the original report that had gone viral, recorded snippets of what happened showed that Watts vehemently insisted she was being racially profiled because her boyfriend was white and she was black.

The next day, the entire situation was recorded from the point the cops approached the couple throughout Watts’ tears, tantrum, and theatrics, and as heard, things sounded altogether different than Watts’ original out cry which-got the attention of some civil rights leaders [considering what was believed was ‘fact’: that Watts’ had been racially profiled and mistaken for being a prostitute upon discovery that she was having relations with her white boyfriend].


Daniele Watss and boyfriend

Well since then, after coming to her aid and discovering all wasn’t what it seemed, Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable president Earl Ofari Hutchinson and Project Islamic Hope president Najee Ali, along with other activists, held a press conference this past Friday-summoning an apology for Watts’ rendition of the story. As well, they wanted her to apologize to the LAPD.

Watts insists and persist[ed] that the LAPD had no right to ask for her identification unless she was being charged for a crime. As well, this issue will cease to desist-because she will not be pressing charges on anyone—or apologizing to anyone regarding the issue, either.







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