Circulating: Footage of RIHANNA Snorting? Take a Look:

So yeah.

This 15 sec clip of Rihanna sitting in front of a glass of something clear, with a little white apparatus in her right hand as her home girls stand around her doing a dance is making its rounds ’round here.

As unabashed, and unashamed to admit it-I’m a person with an affinity for loving watching other people smoke cigarettes, cigars (and something I loathe admitting): watching people do drugs-and how they do what they do while in their world. I must say-I was all eyes and ears.10004020_465646480257258_7326373112987500680_n

No, I’m not saying I condone it but, these things are like–some odd fetish of mine.

I can’t help it-drug subculture and their anthropology intrigues me. Their movements are so “pro” and on top of it.

I like to watch in their taboo elements about as much as I love taboo things.

Sue me.

shoulder shrug

Well, considering the fact that the pop princess not only has this thin, white, apparatus in her hand; but while slightly looking down [to prepare to do something?], her girls are seen blocking the view–that’s the part unseen.11128830_465646330257273_5566203088578890762_n

But it’s when she is seen again that got speculation rolling: She first did that classic powder cocaine tongue across the front gums move, followed by taking her left hand’s fingers and squeezing her nostrils (while doing some neck thrust of a dance).

Check it out:


…so just know. This was intriguing and I’m over here screaming a college-boy rebel yell: “Whoooo hooo!”

While I won’t confirm or deny that I’m over here yelling “go Rihanna!” I am yelling.

That’s me

Yes. That’s Michael Jackson. And Michael Jackson ‘peeping’ at Stevie Wonder in the studio with the most curious stare that reading his mind oooooozes through this pic. I wish he were alive and on Twitter, I’d ask him what he was thinking at the very moment. I still wanna know (for sure).


And that’s that, on that.

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