CIARA & FUTURE Reportedly Making Love, Sex & Magic Behind Her Quarterback Boo RUSSELL WILSON’s Back + Is Rekindled Flames Hotter The 2nd Time Around?

How’s this for your and your significant other’s role play:

You and your boo have a terrible break up.

If you’re not famous–all the neighbors knew and whisper about the back and forth shenanigans and things said and done that’s all out in the neighborhood now, thus making you and your ‘bae’ household names.

If you are famous—all the fans, social media and blogs gossip about it yet, the girl moves on and is loved and adored by her rich, famous new ‘bae’ and the old boo has carried on putting his focus on her career and although has been linked to some one new, publicly denied it and it went away.

Press pause.

P-G version:

How ‘bout (depending on how you look at it), how exciting (or shameful) it be that from time to time, you slip away from the new bae that loves and adores you-who all the public (or neighbors) know about yet, after one time of being caught in the clutches and cornered by your old, hot boo;


…theme music begins and he has you where and like he wants you smack dead there on the spot just like old times—and so begins this hot, aggressive, tension filled conversation during the sha-floding4bang— while he’s working to both punish you and too, make you know what you’ve been missing (as much as he’s missed you tooFuture-and-Ciara).

Gosh (Talk about love and sex and magic)…


The moment was so good that now, you’re wondering if your entire break up was an overreaction and that what the two of your really needed was just a little time apart so he could see and win your bet—that’d he start loving you as soon as you started loving somebody else…somebody better than better than him—at least you though….


“Rich Sex” is an understatement and more than just a video released by hip hop rockstar Future Hendrix if rumors are true that he and his old boo and baby mama singer Ciara are having rich sex on the low—behind her 80 million dollars rich new boo: NFL Seahawk’s Quarterback Russell Wilson’s back (as per an Atlanta blogger who asked not to be identified) is reported, as having said [quote]:

Ciara so fake as hell.. Her best friend is the go between these too and her team. Someone is going get hurt. I guess Russell gonna get hurt. this man loves Ciara and her baby to death. Future talk so much sh/t about her on the radio and magazines and she back sleeping with him on low. Talking Russell her true love and love at first sight. She is a mess.  [end quote]

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Duly Dually note: Ashton, Russell’s ex, has been trolling and treading Ciara and Russell for many months and Sundays and is on double-duty working overtime to see the demise of the two of them (Russell and Ciara).  Whispers have it that she may be behind this. Whether the rumors are true and she found out and happily got it out there or she blatantly put it out there on her own; either way, her name is woven in this.

Play with all this as you wish.


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