Float It or Throw It: CHRIS BROWN x RIHANNA’s Duet: “Put it Up” Leaks This Weekend

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It all seems so timely, I know [that on-again, off-again’s poster children: Chris Brown and Rihanna] would soon be making music together—again, especially considering:



Such a concoction of occurrences would seemingly would leave the doors open for the “if you cant be with the one you love-love the one you’re with” couple of music: Chris Brown and Rihanna (who did just that and had gone on their separate ways for the past couple of years)—only to get back together and make love and music—yet again. I know right? How hot.



Well there’s good news and there’s bad news. Which one do you want first?


Good news:

Chris Brown and Rihanna have a new song-a duet.

 Bad news:

Chris Brown and Rihanna had a song leak out this weekend that they did together—back when they were together on again.


…Well at least yous can feel the ambiance of what was (so that’s twice the good news right?) The song (reportedly recorded around the time they did “Nobody’s Business”-which was a track that made Rihanna’s “Unapologetic” CD in 2012) was is called “Put It Up.”Rihanna-and-Chris-Brown-together

“Put it Up” is a steamy duet that most certainly had fire while the on-again/off-again couple’s love was at [at the time?] burning bright, with lyrics like:


I’m gonna explore all of your body” –Rihanna

Treat me like I’m your property / I’m about to be your biggest fan.” –Chris Brown

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Reportedly, the song was supposed to be a bonus track on Brown’s latest CD “X” (which dropped in September 2014). And although Chris and Rihanna made their way back to each other since recording the song, by the time Chris’ “X” [CD] dropped, so had she-him or he-her. Either way, the song went with Rihanna—that is, until this weekend’s leak.

rihanna and chris brown


Considering Tidal’s hook, sink and line: “Exclusively on Tidal,” those that got a hold of the song found it removed from site music players-in an effort to hook us all over to [sinking?] Tidal?

So, if getting a call from Jay Z as thanks for subscribing to Tidal isn’t enough to lure fans over to it versus Spotify, this song of Chris and Rihanna’s thrown out their just may be the anchor to wheel yous in.

Let’s keep it real though…Wow…I’m impressed! Geezel Peetes!

Although I won’t be boarding Tidal…Oh my gaud though!!!!!!!!!!!! I happen to like it!

(Trust me, I pressed play with caution…I haven’t heard R& B like that in a while. It’s safe, provocative, good R&B with a good melody).


Float It or Throw It?

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