CHRIS BROWN PROBATION REVOKED: That Notorious Incident with Rihanna Continues to Take the ‘Take You Down’ Singer Down.

Whether Chris Brown and Rihanna still have eyes one another or no, the hands and the eyes of the law insist on making eye-contact between the two, for the two. Because according to recently filed documents, Brown’s probation for the charges stemming from the notorious incident in which Brown lay hands [and teeth on the pop singer] have been revoked due to the most recent run-in with the law from the criminal complaint filed on him in Washington D.C in the recent months.

Although his mom feels he is surrounded by the wrong people, this time, he happened to be in the right place at the right time (luckily), because as it turns out, Chris wasn’t remanded back into custody (for this recent D.C incident) because of Brown’s well-documented progress he is making at the anger-management rehab treatment facility where he is currently residing.

121613-chris-brown-inside-court-launch-1The finality of this decision will be made in February 2014, and if all continues to go well, by the skin of his own teeth, Brown just might escape the possibility of going to the Big House [for the recent incident in D.C]

Another incident back in October in Los Angeles [which resulted in a felony assault reduced to misdemeanor] gave way to a full-on investigation that connected these incidents which ultimately rested on the original charge and catalyst holding the key to Brown’s life, freedom and dark cloud over his head: that incident with Rihanna.

CHRIS BROWN WEED If you remember, when Brown entered the treatment facility in November, he agreed to give up his Internet usage and phone but refused to give up his weed-claiming that rather than for recreational use, it had medicinal effects that worked for his depression and kept him calm. The staff was unbending to the trade-off and obviously Chris had to roll out with that one-it too went up in smoke. Because as per this the progress report , Brown has been making progress with psychotropic drugs in place of his need for the weed.

According to the staff at the facility, his ability to emotionally regulate himself has improved with too, the addition of his participation of a weekly boot camp where he completed a 12-hour ropes course to enhance his team-building skills and trust.

We at Other Side of the Fame trust that all will go well with Chris Brown and look forward to 2014 being the year he starts anew.

Good luck to him.

We wish him well.


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