CHRIS BROWN Makes Music with JAMES DEBARGE at Gray-Bar Hotel

From the looks of things, Chris Brown is making the best of his situation by doing what he does best: music. Despite the circumstances by which he is being surrounded (and held), fate had plans to unite him with a little inspiration and [having found] love in a hopeless place-so it seems.

debarge  Last month-April 24th to be exact-member of the once successful, now defunct singing group: DeBarge, James DeBarge, 50, Janet’s ex hubby and allleged “beby deddy”, was taken into custody under suspicion of possessing methamphetamine and detained at the Los Angeles Police Department jailhouse for a little extended stay vacay.

Meanwhile at the gray-bar motel, Chris Brown was already residing.

We all know by now that Chris Brown’s stay and vacay was decided upon and handed down from a judge that sentenced him to a year in jail for probation violation that originally stemmed from his 2009 altercation with singer Rihanna which trickled down to other incidents by which he was directly (or indirectly) involved in that lead him to a treatment center. When he violated the terms of his probation by eventually becoming uncooperative at the treatment center, mocking the process, and gyrating a time or two by reportedly having “inappropriate relations” with a member of the staff; the decision to imprison him for reasons already on the shelf-came tumbling down…and so it was written—and he was sentenced.

Those two pieces of information are the condensed facts [about DeBarge and Brown].

download  But as our friends from over at TerMiteZ would have it, these two waffled-colored dudes are serving it up for the inmates while being locked up side-by-side in the segregated unit for high profile inmates who happen to drop in from time-to-time.

According to TMZ, despite the sticky situations by which these two are being held, they have written three songs and perform them for the inmates to pass time.

*places elbows on desk and points at you*

You can that, or take from that what you wish-I’m just the messenger (regarding that part).

After researching leads for sources on a story where my guys at TerMiteZ reported some knock-down drag-out gun brawl that sent my mind into some gangam/mafia styled street Uzi battle-complete with men leaning to the side spilling from beneath white cloaks and arm slings in which the aftermath was the result of blood on a funeral Hirsch and neighboring cars, I learned to give yous a little bit of what I know is fact and turn you over to my guys at TerMiteZ to be entertained—you know…sorta like how although Chris Brown and James DeBarge cannot see each other but according to TMZ-are both keeping harmony alive by singing through the walls of justice down that at L.A County’s gray-bar motel.


Have at it.

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