CHRIS BROWN Launches Modeling Insta-agency …I Mean: AGENCY

Chris Brown has been quietly tucked away in rehab-away from all the riff-raff and trappings of fame—able to do some regrouping and soul-searching and such, and we must say, things and looking okay for our guy.

BidriqPIAAAJ9SK Being out of thelimelight and away from posers and striking poses himself has seemed to have spark a bit of inspiration for Chris, as it is being reported that he is embarking upon a new something wonderful to add to his resume: he is launching a modeling agency called Legendary Faces-in concert with some other powerhouses in on the new venture with him.

Hold your horsies Instagram “models,” that’s not quite what he’s looking for. He’s looking for the real deal for real deals. He passing over Atlanta and in search of them in places subject to be seen on the side of a high-end shopping bag or items: L.A, Miami, Houston, New York, Hong-Kong, and Paris. 

th-30 The handsome, maturing, dapper Chris Brown is going at it the classy, classic, traditional [what “modeling” “being a model” was before we could just self-proclaim it on free Internet accounts]. 

126107-original Despite this new venture and good news, Chris Brown music fans shouldn’t fret, he also updated his fans on plans of new music and videos coming soon.

Anyways, this rehab tuck-away is proving to be serving Chris well. We love it–how he is maturing.

105987-original We at Other Side of the Fame got love for Chris and here, believe in his transformation (and really wanting it+ surrendering to the process for the betterment of himself over his image)-and we wish him well and continued success in that. For more on him from us-click here.

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