CHRIS BROWN Forewarns You About a Story On Him Due To Go Viral Is “Bogus”


Pop heartthrob Chris Brown wanted to put yous on notice that his longtime nemesis’ over at TMZ are about to run a story due to drop today. But in advance, he wanted to let yous all know that it’s bogus.

Although he didn’t specify any details (obviously), according to Chris, TMZ contacted his publicist about the story-with (obviously) the end result being the details of [whatever this story is about] due to go viral sometime today or this week perhaps.

Meanwhile, Chris (who, despite his baby mama drama over the past few months-has inundated the world of social media with pics of he and his daughter Royalty bonding), stated that while he is busy with a great, new, album coming and enjoying being a father while living life on his terms; TMZ is just mad that although they can be the first to ‘drop’ pretty much anything, they can’t keep up with the likes of Other Side of the Fame who, when drops-drops best. End story.   can’t get any traffic


All jokes aside, Harvey and our TerMiteZ pals are going to drop this thing as, Harvey never really like Chris anyways. And too, is accused of readily and gladly posting disparaging stories about black males in the industry.



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