What’s Good For CAITLYN Is Good For CHET: TOM HANKS’ Aspiring Rapper Son Having Racial Identity Issues – Defends His Use of the ‘N’ Word , Is He Right?

is frowned upon even among those of the same culture.

Not all African American/black people are in agreement with their own kind using the “N” word any more than the subculture is in agreement with anyone whose non-black using the word.

As well, as the subculture would have it-it’s even “levels” (or derivatives) to the ‘N’ word:

“N/gga” is slang. Although similar, (and as per the subculture) separate from the derogative word use to humiliate and dehumanize African Americans during a time of oppression when the word:

N\gger” was used to define a people who were treated and looked upon as less than human.

For that reason, many in the culture do not see the words N/gga or N/gger as any different-it’s all offensive let many tell it (like Lisa explained above).

However, the subculture (who NEVER uses the word N/gger) but instead: N/gga, uses it as either:

  • a term of endearment: e.g: “That’s my n/gga right there.”
  • slang/riddle e.g., “You my n/igga if you’on get no bigger.”
  • a noun” e.g. “That n/gga needs to quit trippin.’

In considering all that, (especially considering the “light” being shined on the accolades and acceptance of borrowing trends from the subculture being looked upon as “hip” and “trendy” and by contrast: “darkness” on the subculture or culture by which these Chethanxtrends hail—genres like pop and rap music are magnifying the clear differences of, and by whom these very same trends are accepted [at borrowing] versus whom they are frowned upon [at owning].


“Frowned upon” and fitting a negative “stereotype” when the culture sets a trend, but when that same trend is imitated by all others than the culture (in a subculture like rap/pop etc), then it’s seen as a “hot trend” (versus a stereotype)-leaving the culture wondering:

Well why is it that when I walk around with/have grills in my teeth-I’m to be feared. But if all other races wear them, it’s a trend?”

I wear pink hair it’s ghetto. You wear pink hair-it’s fashionable or trendy.”

With the subculture being shared by both white and African American/black groups of people, now, more than ever, the clear divide of pop and rap/hip hop keeping its own “lane” is no more.

Many in pop, rap/hip hop parade around many-a-red carpets and before the cameras of their videos doing [stereotypical things] and wearing/dressing in frowned upon things that (outside of the subculture) are judged to be inappropriate-but by the token token, pop and rap artists hit the jackpot  [having borrowed]………….but only if they are not of the black/African American race/culture.

Hence begins a name found for such a phenomenon: Cultural Appropriation by Hunger Games’ Amandla Stenberg:


So in walks people like Tom Hanks’ son Chet, an aspiring rapper: white, privileged/rich mom and dad, student at Northwestern University, it doesn’t matter that [your 2011] bio read: “Living the

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