What’s Good For CAITLYN Is Good For CHET: TOM HANKS’ Aspiring Rapper Son Having Racial Identity Issues – Defends His Use of the ‘N’ Word , Is He Right?


“Run Forest Run” is turning the direction to the tune of “run Forest’s son” because he’s got some people (like Malcolm Jamal Warner and Lisa Leslie) on his tail and warning:




download (21)imrsActor Tom Hanks’ son is under fire right about now for his use of the “N’ word.

Although the aspiring rapper of the actor has been putting in work “murdering tracks” (notably since 2011) while attending Northwestern University, no matter how much work he’s put in-tongues are wagging at his use of the ‘N’ word just recently where he vehemently defends his identity to the subculture …….and race.

This all comes on the heels turning rumble where, the microscope of scrutiny is being put on pop and rap artist’s success and recognition taking off into unheard of heights via use of borrowing from a culture under the guise of a subculture by which they feel they identify and share the same love for.

Let’s belabor, [rather than try to be obscure about] the obvious:

“They” = white people

“The culture” = blacks/African Americans

“The subculture” = rap/hip hop/pop culture

It’s important to know that with anything, especially in matters of literal black and white, there will always be grey areas-never just black and white.

Those “grey areas” are levels that often times have rules as, subculture and culture are two totally different animals in which some things that are culturally acceptable within a subculture are not acceptable from a race that doesn’t identify with the culture—despite how connected you may feel to the subculture.

Even with the removal of subculture, the use of the “N” word

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