CHER Health Scare: Reportedly M.I.A For Two Months

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She sang it best: “If I could turn back time. If I could find a way,” and well, where there is a will (literally) there’s Cher’s a way.

Reportedly our girl Cher has found the fountain of youth and is undergoing cutting edge treatment in Germany to cheat death (says our friends at Wonderwall via our pals: Patricia Shipp’nem over at the National Enquirer).

CHER_MARC JACOBSDespite our recent Marc Jacobs photo shoot campaign we posted (in June) reportedly, Cher is battling a combination of physical aliments and emotional distress and hasn’t been seen in almost two months. If you remember however, the long, lean, legendary singer did stick her neck out this past June-making headlines when she referred to The Donald as [an] “obnoxious a&&hole” after his presidential speech just before his campaign took off but according to our pals, she’s gone on some downward spiral that lead her greener pastures and stiller waters of youth across the water.

The veteran smut mag cites: she “personally directed a massive cover-up to hide the fact she was actually seeking stem cell replacement therapy not available in the U.S. ‘Cher is fading fast. There’s no hope for her,’ ” claimed a source, allegedly, who also made note that her close friends were fearing the ‘end was near’ because she’s was battling some health issues.

Well we certainly hope that’s not true and perhaps this is all just another case of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” and this news about Cher’s turns out to be like that of Dolly Parton’s rumored health scare as, rumors were surfacing that the charming country singer was suffering from stomach cancer but today, Parton stepped forward to beg our pardon-stating she is doing just fine and in fact, is back to work after merely having kidney stones removed about three weeks ago.

“There is absolutely no truth at all that I have stomach cancer. I love and appreciate everyone’s concern.”

Perhaps Cher’s just in Germany on a vacay and parlaying laid back humming the words to my favored song by her “Do You Believe in Life After Love?”




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