Murfreesboro, Tennesse CHEDDARS Server SNAPCHATS Disdain For Having “A Table Full of N|%%ers” & Gets Fired -At What Point Should Your Employer Have Anything To Do With Your Social Media Shenanigans?

At the Chicago Margarita Fest and found out to be named Jessica Lynn Sanders, while the APB is put out on the location where this rabid animal masquerading as a woman works




…this next one spewed her racist rant while at work at popular Tennessee restaurant Cheddars—and was foolish enough to Snapchat it.

Although Murfeesborostuff like such may very well happen any given day, one wouldn’t think their vile acts and venomous words would go viral and land in the hands of the unsuspecting victim-so soon anyway.

If the word “nigger” (by old Merriam Webster dictionary definition) means any person who’s ignorant or without knowledge, then it was the waitress who was the ignorant one, because the persons she served (and swerved) were indeed educated.

After church, Chelsea Mayes and her four friends, Bryce Holmes (holder of a master’s degree), Denzel and Montel Epperson (TSU and MTSU graduates) and Nitra Kent (senior at MTSU) all grabbed a table at a Murfreesboro, Tennessee Cheddar’s restaurant. While there, they were being waited on by a server who, at last checked, Chelsea and her party felt they made a great connection with.

Reportedly, the server laughed and joked with Chelsea and her friends only to turn around somewhere away from the table and Snapchat herself complaining that she was hung over and to add insult to her insobriety, had a [quote] “a table full of niggers right now” [end quote].


A college student who just lost her 4 year-old son in an accident herself,

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