Charleston Church Killer DYLAN ROOF’s Personal Website’s Manifesto, Frame of Reference and Thinking, Footprints, and Last Words Leading Up To Day of Planned Massacre of 9 Bible Study Members

So as the clock strikes, more and more details are circulating about the Dylan Roof’s footprint on the weeks and days leading up to the massacre at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday, June 17 where 9 people were murdered by him during bible study at the predominately black church and historical monument.

With reports surfacing from his roommate circulating and stating that now, in hindsight, Dylan Roof had been “acting strange” and this heinous act against the innocent, defenseless people in a church were [most probably premeditated] regardless the roommate 20-20 hindsight reports, the fact of the matter is: Dylan was indeed “acting strange” in one location where he was barred from returning for one year, and too, took a trip down memory lane where he immersed himself knowledge and education on Confederate landmarks and slave plantations.

Well “acting strange” was certainly and understatement when (on February 28) it was reported that security guards at Columbiana Mall in Columbia, South Carolina got a call about a white male wearing all black and going into stores asking employees odd questions like: how many people were working and what time did  [these stores in particular] open and closed etc.

When police pulled up on Dylan, he claimed he was looking for a job (despite having not filled out any applications that day). After a quick/routine search of his person, police discovered a prescription pain killer called Suboxone and from there, he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance (and banned from the mall for one year).

At any rate.

Follow me and let’s get this history lesson that Dylan takes us on-that leads us into his personal manifesto and frame of thinking and reason for the Emanuel AME church massacre.


On March 16

Dylan is photographed wearing the flags of Rhodesia and Apartheid South Africa while standing in front of a monument remarking Sullivan’s Island-South of Charleston, South Carolina.

History has it (via the National Parks Service) Sullivan Island was the entry point for 40 percent of slaves brought to North America.

Dylan wanted to put his feet on that sacred soil, too.


That very same day however, Dylan got on his hands and knees and did get his knees and feet dug in to some soil of another kind: The sand.

Where he couldn’t bring sand to the beach, Dylan dug his hands into the sand (at Sullivan’s Island) and engraved the number “1488” into it.

“1488” is white supremacist code stemming from 14 being borrowed for the fourteen words of a phrase by the founder of the

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