Cape-ing Up for the KARDASHIAN’s: In Response To REBEL WILSON’s Disdain, What They ‘Do’ Is “Hard Work” She Claims – “Hard Work?” or “Hard Play?”


An audio reel is making its rounds ‘round the media catching people quite by surprise and putting trusted for her word-talk show queen Oprah Winfrey in compromising positions she ‘dudn’t’ even know about.

Although when listening to the audio, with all surety and confidence in that which she spoke the media mogul didn’t stutter, it was who she said it what about is download (2)that’s catching many by surprise: The Kardashians—being “hard working.”

Now whether or not she would agree the social media-ites should be written in print mag history as “The First Family” or not remains to be known, but according to the interview reel making its ‘round around, the likes of “Oprah Winfrey” was caught out there [being referred to as] “capeing” for the Kardashians in ways unexpected.

images (4)The observation was brought up when while doing a radio interview, it was brought out that comedian-actress Rebel Wilson refused to present a VH1 MTV award this past summer with Kylie and Kendall Jenner because she was [quote] “against everything they stand for” [end quote] and as per her, they [quote] “are not famous for talent” [end quote].

Well the situation was brought up and placed at Oprah’s lap lip of luxury and she lent a surprising observation that caught many by surprise not only because it came from Oprah, but the observation was the antithesis of pretty much what a great majority in audience of the Jenner-Kardashian clan feels about them and what they “do.”

Aside from burning up Instagram-posting meticulously photo shopped pictures of shoe closets the size of some people’s dining rooms and other frivolous do-nothing goings on–all dressed up in
lavish digs envied by most of their audience, what do they “do” you ask?oprah-you-get-a-and-you-get-a

Well according Oprah Winfrey they work very hard and she was impressed by their work ethic.


I know, right?

Stay with me.

According to Oprah (by her observation-referring to her 2012 interview that she had with the Kardashians) she lends a take on her being an up close and personal eyewitness to how “hard” they work. This is what she said:

224op“I interviewed the Kardashians two years ago and I couldn’t believe how hard they work. People don’t understand that, people think: ‘Oh, if a television camera’s just following you, then that’s just easy.’ ”

She continued: “To really create a reality series that looks like somethings actually happening, it means you have to be ‘on’ all the time. I went to film them as a family and I couldn’t believe how hard they worked. We were there for seven hours, and they were gonna tape another seven hours after I left. No matter who you are, that is work,” she said.


I know…I know what you’re thinking already so let me be first name Frank and last name Honest.

tumblr_inline_nna3udjnwL1tplwlk_500If Oprah thinks that makeup retouches, catered food for breakfast lunch and dinner, wardrobe changes and assistants running amok for 14 hours is ‘hard work’ perhaps she needs to take a stroll at some of these factories and assembly lines and other physical sweatbox jobs of hard working people that work (standing on foot) 10-12 hours per day with one half hour (un-catered) ‘lunch’ break and two ten minute breaks somewhere in between those 10-12 hours to really what “hard work” REALLY is.

On the flip side of that, it’s like the remnants of the “recession” that everybody was experiencing during that time.

Whereas “broke” or being financially challenged for an average hard working 9-5’er is one thing, people who were “more fortunate” felt the recession to their level of being in financial crisis’ as well.

The difference here however (with regard to Rebel’s disdain) is that talent is hard work in that basically (due to reality shows) it’s being less rewarded and actual work for talent is scarce—especially when you have more people that “can’t” but will get on camera for 14 hours of day doing…”nothing” (nothing remotely close to talent or display of skill that is).

oprah-winfreyYou see there is a difference between:

  • Work v. Play
  • Talent v. Creativity
  • Movement v. Action

…and then there’s reality television—in a box by itself (which, as per Oprah’s observation can be considered “creativity”).

But the reality is, as the world wide web open itself around the world like such, that opened the doors of an industry that before then, was an elite place to be and get into where talent and skill owned the way and guarded the doors. But when the world wide web + social media was entered into the ranks, that forced the “industry” to be everything that is means by definition and down to its last syllable (in ways that before the world wide web and social media) pretty much conducted itself like an elite, closed, organization.

To understand fully what I mean by that, you have to understand that an INDUSTRY (versus an organization) is like comparing a literal circus to a corporate boardroom.

An industry is not organized such that it won’t let anybody IN. Every body, any animal, dog, cat, fish, horse, or three-headed man is welcome.

An organization is such a thing (that it WON’T LET JUST “ANYBODY” IN). You have to be an invited member.

So while an industry has an open, revolving-door policy in that any person willing to open their lives, doors, talents, circus act, sex tapes, juggling acts, acting skills, dancing skills, sculpting, sketching and art abilities, and annnnnnnnnny other thing they wish to promote, the flip side of that is while you may be afforded the platform to showcase all of that, and you may even have garnered the attention of a gazillion followers it’s a double-edge sword: Areas withIN an industry are sorta like an organization–by which you have to be invited (or showcase real talent for)…the old-fashioned way, still.

When the world’s stage opened itself up, cheap labor (in the form of reality show) took the stage and it was “curtains” for talent and skill, and work being found for the talented and skilled.

That and all the above being said, what Oprah observed was people hard at “play”: vanity, luxury, movement and “ACTION” in the form of lights, cameras and social media movement and frivolousness all wrapped up in the form of entertainment for whoever is entertained (while other like Rebel Wilson) only see it as disdain.

Oprah, or Rebel is not right, nor is either necessarily wrong. As relative as it is to the eye of the beholder, it all depends on how you— look live at it.


P.S-Have you ever looked at Oprah’s teeth and hands? She has the YOUNGEST looking set of teeth and hands on a 61 year old woman I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing how (for some people) rounded teeth at the bottom “youthen” can your mouth area out. She’s one of them.

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