She Came. She Psyched. She Left. And Now 90s Psychic MISS CLEO Has Gone On To Glory: Dies At 53

She came.

She psyched.

She left.

And now she went—on to glory.

Nineties nostalgia came back to visit us today but comes bearing gifts rifts.

Popular television tarot card reader and psychic known as “Miss Cleo” was dealt he death card and is no longer with us.

News of the 53 year-old woman’s passing came as quite a surprise to those of us who, as youngsters-remember, connect and staple her to many-a-90s things.

Like a yearbook memory, Miss Cleo became very much apart of our lives as, we couldn’t turn on the television into the evening or late night without seeing her and hearing that dreaded and contrived island accent (that she waned in and out of) but we rocked with her anyway.



Reportedly, Miss Cleo-whose real name was

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