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Without adding insult to injury by mentioning [what I understand to be] a mere pacifier: Officer Chauvin being arrested and charged with (not 1st, not 2nd) but 3rd degree murder; I am just going to do what I am told to do in life, as I am more than sure the same rule of thumb can be applied to death as well—seeing a though ultimately, that is indeed what happened. Somebody died got killed.

So let’s say his name: George Floyd.

In life we are often told to work with what we have, so while the FBI is putting out the APB for any further video on or witnesses to “what happened” I’m just going to stick with working with what (all the world) has: Video tape proof of a handcuffed human being held to the ground with four other officers patrolling the crowd of onlookers while a man lay helpless handcuffed from behind bleeding and pleading for air, water, his mom and explaining how he could not breathe.

This, while the officer (who killed the man), not only stuck his hand into his pocket (as if doing so would aid in applying more pressure) but ever so cavalierly cut off George Floyd’s air supply—by kneading and kneeling his knee into the artery of this man’s neck as if it were a payback to Colin Kaepernick taking a knee on a football field.

So while your city official was so quick to think he did the community a favor, by announcing that never in history has the arrest of an officer happened so fast, guess what?

Never in the history of black people being humiliated, harassed and killed by officers have we EVER heard such politeness:



I can’t breathe officer.”

“My stomach hurts.”

“My neck hurts.”

“Everything hurts.”



“I can’t breathe officer.”

…while purposely being senselessly killed as his cries were ignored by three other officers.

Dylan Roof got Burger King after killing church goers in Charleston. He got the pleasure of being handcuffed and lead in on his own walking feet-10 toes down.

Just days ago, UConn student Peter Manfredonia-who kidnapped and killed two people in Maryland-got the pleasure of being apprehended by sitting upward on the ground with his back to the police car while being fed water.

Yet a man who was being apprehended as an alleged suspect for forgery is forced face-down, cuffed from behind while we got the displeasure of watching him be killed right in front of our faces.

You have all the proof you knead need.

Do not waste our time!

End story.

I saw my very first, real life murder, ever, the day George Floyd was apprehended killed.



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