Buzzing: CHRIS BROWN And RIHANNA Secretly Seeing Each Other Again

Buzzing right now is the reported reconnection of Chris Brown and Rihanna by way of the Coachella Music Festival that just occurred over the past couple of weekends this month.

Although there are no reported sightings of the on-again, off-again couple (hand in hand), the rumors that they are low and creeping with one another is making its rounds.

If you’ve heard me say it once, you’ve heard me say it a thousand times: Despite the public mess gone legal between the two-and regardless the near eight-year hell Brown suffered for his actions, it’s painfully obvious that these two have something for one another—despite all (and despite the probability they are apart is because both teams-especially hers-probably think its best she not be with Chris due to the message it could send to her fans: That it’s okay to be with a man that hits you).



Granted, over the years since that fateful night in 2009 (where Chris Brown physically attacked Rihanna in L.A during Grammy weekend where the two were scheduled to attend and didn’t make it)download (19)

–in the meantime and in between time however (with the waffled-colored dishes of a bit of Karrueche on Chris and a dash of Drake on Rihanna) still, Brown and Rihanna have been inseparable.


Well here of late, over the past two years or so, the famous couple have indeed been separable. And until just recently, we got a musical reminder of their love (via an unreleased song-written and finished eh…about two years ago) and just leaked to the masses last week.


Well rumors are leaking that Rihanna and Chris have not stopped the music and with Chris having lost Karreuche due this his transgressions that resorted in a baby made out of girlfriendlock, as circumstance would have it-obviously this leaves the door wide open for Rihanna who dodged that emotional bullet, seeing as though conception of Chris’ child Royalty) and the scandal surrounding it-all occurred post Rihanna having moved on.

With the coast clear in Chris’ life right now, Rihanna may very well be prepared to play mommy as, she’s bonded quite well with her niece (Majesty) with whom she’s no stranger to being pictured booed up with in loving still life of she and that baby girl with whom she loves.


  Keep your eyes open and your ear to the street on this one. Because this time around, Rihanna or Chris may not give a damn about what everyone thinks.  



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