{Buzz} The REEL “URXperience”: USHER Sex Tape Being Released?

usherWhile Usher is out touring (#URXTour)- giving the world his “URXperience,” you are about to experience more than the piping hot singer’s fancy footwork, smooth moves and gyrating…….. [on the stage, that is].

tameka & usherAccording to our sources, someone got a hold of a video tape of the singing heartthrob in a rather—compromising position (consensual course), as, the other party involved is reportedly: Tameka Raymond, the woman with whom he has two children.

Sources say the tape was stolen and whoever is in possession of the tape is threatening to release it for profit.

usher2Well, the problem with that is: it was stolen—not “found”…stolen in that, his vehicle was allegedly broken into  and this hot bit of reel is what was found discovered so hold your horses.

Also, for the record, Tameka and Usher Raymond have been divorced for quite some time now so let the record state, the tape was indeed

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