{Buzz} Say It Aint….Sosa: Is Pop Star SELENA GOMEZ Dating CHIEF KEEF?


Say it aint….SOSA.

Don’t know who Chief Keef is? This lil guy can introduce him to you-just fine:

America’s worst nightmare reallllllllllllllly just happened.

Chief Keef

It was just a couple of months ago pop princess Selena Gomez’s heart wanted what it wanted.

And when she poured it out to the world on the stage of the American Music Awards (doing wonders for Justin Bieber’s ego)-the only frame of reference their fans could work with (in trying decipher who she could possibly be singing about, given her on again-off again history with Biebs) the Justin was the man.

Well if a picture can speak a thousand words, this ones saying a lot.

cheif keef and selena gomez

And if words can speak..a..thousands words…well, we’ll let controversial rapper Chief Keef tell ya:


chief keefs selena tweets

Rumors are surfacing that Selena Gomez is hanging out with the Chicago-bred rapper and…


*hands up* 

Hey…that’s all I got.

And it’s going in OSF’s buzz files for now.


I..I…don’t know if this is the work of a good Photoshop king but I’m just gonna sit this tidbit of info right here.

Have at it guys.

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