BURGER KING Unveils Its New ‘Aka Burger’

I guess Burger King says if Rachel Dolezal can be Trans-racial Trans-Rachel it can too.

The fast-food giant unveiled its newest creation by changing the skin of its bun black bun to red.


In case you didn’t know, the first color change went from the traditional bun to a black bun (adorned with black cheese and black ketchup and given the name the Kuro Burger)—is now identifying as red bun and given a new name: The Aka Burger.


All set to be sold in Japan and dressed with red cheese, red tomatoes, a chili pepper sauce and wiped down with a chili paste sauce called “the angry sauce,” the delicacy brags of two versions of itself:

  • Aka Samuari Beef
  • Aka Samaurai Chicken

Just before fireworks day, the Aka Burger will arrive at Japanese Burger King locations beginning July 3 in preparation to set its customers back a whopping $4.36 for the chicken rendition and $5.57 for the beef version.

This news comes as the burger giant has been experimenting with new menu offerings here of late (in the U.S.,) including other atypical Burger King delicacies like hot dogs and corn dogs.

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