BRYANT GUMBEL Interviews w/ CHARLIE ROSE & Speaks Out About The Rash Of Police Misconduct + Adding Insult To Injury To The Face of Ferguson: The Naming Of MIKE BROWN’s D.O.D “Darren Wilson Day”


I’ll preface what I am about to say next by saying-even Charlie Rose called Bryant on it: as a voice and staple of television news long before many of us were a twinkle in our parents eye, journalist Bryant Gumbel is a world renown voice in popular culture yet, (perhaps for playing it safe for so many years?)…we’ve only heard some much of it and the people have been waiting to hear it, including Charlie:

…but sometimes, when the probability of an issue hitting your own back yard, sometimes-playing it safe and by the rules all go out the window.

0805_SW_gumbel (1)

An unlikely ally in the multiplying unrest that’s been plaguing the country happened by one of the most unlikely voices in journalism [as being remarked in popular culture history for being one of the ‘kinds’ so uninterested and so far removed from feeling connected and sharing the plight of the people]: Bryant Gumbel had much to say about it…about it and them all.




We’re now upon that year later and while the world (social media activists and the like playing with Don Lemon and his CNN buddies) picked up where last left-when the Ferguson unrest began, the well-respected voice of journalism that the people needed to hear from was over at PBS pow-wowing with Charlie Rose:

air date 8.5.15


Michael Brown’s parents stopped by and gave this interview with Charlie Rose in November 2014 …

air date 11.25.15

air date 11.25.15

Considering the fact that Wilson who, just last week in the New Yorker, gave an interview in the legendary popular magazine. When asked if he would return to Ferguson, Wilson stated he would-for one day just to show people that he wasn’t defeated in the slightest way. That’s proof-positive that it is evident and clear that no changes have begun.

Unfortunately with no remorse, empathy, or apology to offer from Darren Wilson (the cop responsible for this whole unraveling of the city of Ferguson) the city is far from being ready to heal and is about as far from healing as the parents of Michael Brown are healed one year later-hardly.

The city itself, who (on its one year anniversary) started off with a bang: Gunshots fired from police officers during what’s been reported as peaceful protests added insult to injury in conjunction with Mike Brown’s death anniversary being remarked by a police group naming this day “Darren Wilson Day.” Ferguson is far from being healed.

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