24K Magic’s BRUNO MARS’ Less Than Magical Humble Beginnings Still Golden As Per 60 MINUTES Interview

Could be that Mars itself is too far from the sun that makes it so cool.

Perhaps that’s just why Bruno Mars is the type that puts the cold in cool and embodies it such that it or he canNOT be denied.

Although we all know that; it’s time we see the humble behind the scenes: how, when and why.

In addition to today’s album drop and the pop sicle opening and throwing “24K Magic” in the air this coming Monday on the American Music Awards stage, Sunday, Bruno will be letting his fans in on life in paradise in his native Hawaii.

CBS’  ’60 Minutes’ cameras will show and tell his story at 7:30 p.m. ET / 7  p.m. PT in an interview with Lara Logan.

It’s interesting to note that Bruno makes mention of some unmentionable memories yet, his recollection and place he holds those memories are still near and dear to his heart.

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