Brokering Deals: MARTHA STEWART Sells Her Brand, TAYLOR SWIFT (With the Help of Got Her Way With APPLE, VH1s LHHATL’s MIMI FAUST Comes Clean About The Sex Tape Being Negotiated & Staged-Not Stolen

So you think you can cook? …and sew…and knit…and paint…and make furniture…and…oh you get the picture: All the things that Martha Stewart can do.

Well if you can could have, and you got had a few millions laying around, Martha was turning over her apron to the highest bidder.

That’s right.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (worth 12-martha-stewart.w529.h529.2xapproximately $353 million) is was up for sale. She brokered that deal right up under our noses didn’t she!?

Having begun in 1997, Stewart recently sold her brand to Sequential Brands Group.

But not to be outdone by her “rival” Gwyneth Paltrow (who, in case you didn’t know) Martha has taken some serious digs at during her quest turned successful business brand called Goop. Goop is kind of like a Martha Stewart Living Brand, brand where she pretty much sells the same kinds home goods like Martha did. (Trust me, Martha would cringe at the sight of that line as she’s even made public statements that Gwenyth needs to stick to her day job, pretty much. She hated Gwyneth and Goop). They had the most hilarious subtle feud that definitely made you know Martha Stewart most certainly had done time in the graybar, because she was thuggin’ it on Gwenyth something terrible about that Goop brand.

Well although Stewart is bowing out gracefully, she will remain chief creative officer and serve as a shareholder and board member.

Still in the negotiating stages, Stewart is allowed 30-days to shop around for other offers but with a reported 13.3% decline in stock (of her brand) she may be sticking with the deal that’s already on the table with Sequential.

By end year, the acquisition is expected to have taken place.



Swift_Taylor_TIME_PPL_092914_00157_F.JPGSpeaking of brokering deals, how ‘bout that less than 24 hour turn-around that happened where once we here at Other Side of the Fame shined the spotlight (in full detail) about how Apple/iTunes was asking music artists to press pause on getting pay for their music for three months to allow iTunes leg room to get in on this streaming service game.

You see, during the three month time, iTunes was going to be taking on new subscribers to its new streaming service beginning June 30 which of course would be easy breezy if you allow a three month free music trial which in turn was good enough marketing ploy to rival Tidal and Spotify. But by the same token, robs the artists.

Taylor wasn’t happy about that so she took the brave step and wrote an open letter (and together: Taylor’s letter and Other Side of the Fame shining the spotlight on what was really going on) something got done yo-seriously. Sometimes it takes a very good and thorough detailed explanation for something to pull back the layers of obscurity in order to see what is really going on. Apple/iTunes is way too big a company to dish out such as cheap tactic (to ask artists to accept not being paid for three months) just so they could mount up and compete with Tidal and Spotify music streaming service.

Apple knows that wasn’t fair and they were subtly and quietly abusing their power and they know it. Let’s keep it real.

Well shortly after we got our hands on Taylor’s letter and explained our understanding Taylor’s plight in detail such that the people were able to understand [beyond the 2-3 paragraphs brushing past the details circulating elsewhere online], Apple (and the people) could clearly see how such a business tactic was not a good look for such a big brand business-forcing artists hand. So just a few hours after our write up about it-Taylor did get her way (and all artists will get their pay).

Hey APPLE. I didn’t mean to be the good bad apple here but hey, let’s look at the bright side. I’ve got great business, negotiating and strategizing skills and can dismantle sinister ones in competitors of business, personal, and otherwise…So how ’bout hiring me to sit in on some boardroom meetings and help devising plans…………that work…..for all (seriously-I’m game). Get at me.




Moving along.

Like we already knew, VH1s Love and Hip Hops Mimi Faust can stop with the histrionics and theatrics at finding out Nico lost their sex tape and it showed up mysteriously found in the offices of some porn company who called and black-brokered a deal with them (seeing as though they had already had the tape in hand).

Like we reallllllllllly believed that’s how it went down yo.

Well, now that the money is disbursed, the hoopla subsided, and Home Depot shower curtains all sold out, Mimi Faust decided to come clean about how she knew very well what was going on and how she new Nico had brokered the deal with the porn company. Can’t blame her though, things like such don’t go over too well when you don’t play it out like you were victimized. She did what she had to do.

Studies have shown “The Damsel in Distress” method ALWAYS works. It’s fail-safe. And no better way to play it than to throw that back hand across your forehead, throw your head back and go: “Oh gaud! What just happened here?”

It’s called “Going Hollywood”


She explained it to our friends at US Weekly so, here goes:

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