NICK CANNON’s Dad Makes Disparaging Comments About She and NICK’s Marital Problems–Online

MARIH AND NICK OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMERumors circulating about the reason behind the separation of Mariah Carey and her hubby Nick Cannon are about as puzzling as the way people were questioning their compatibility when the two first coupled up and married.

Having dated only two months before tieing the knot, two adorable 3 year-old twins and yearly renewal of vows including extravagant gifts, and trips-six years later; the haters had to shut up and accept it:

MARIAH AND NICK CANNON OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME__AWWWMTV’s Wildin’ Out’s Nick Cannon loved Mariah-and even someone the likes diva royalty like Mariah Carey could be in love with lil’ ole silly Nick Cannon.

Deal with it.

IMARIAH NICK AND DEM BABIES OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME 2f you follow Mariah Carey you know/have ascertained the following things about her:

Hard to do, but she manages to still be human and tangible to her fans but keeps her social media game: tight-not spilling her personal/private self out to the world any more than she did before the platform was given available. No subbing, no information overload, no RT overkill-none of that. You cannot really form an opinion about singer Mariah Carey outside of what she does-and other than what she does—up to and including what’s going on in her personal life.

MARIHA NICK AND DEM BABIES OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEIf you are a fan of and follow Mariah Carey you know that she basically posts about her brand perfumes, brand beverages, upcoming interviews-stuff like that.

And last but not least, if you’re a fan of or follow Mariah Marey, you know that she loves butterflies, Christmas, Valentines Day and–her twins: Morrocan and Monroe a.k.a [her nickname of endearment]:………. “#DemBabies”

…that’s it. Doors closed (well…maybe aside from the MTV Cribs segment that went down in history as most cheesiest)

…but other than that…that’s it. Those things are all things “Mariah Carey”..she guards her diva WELL-and does not let newfound social media and the perils of it, turn her out

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