“Branding,” The ‘OPRAH AFFECT,’ The Change In Times & TIME MAGAZINE: Why (And Since When) Has Such A Prestigious Publication Cared About An “AMBER ROSE”

This is 2015: the era of “showcial” media-the equivalent to the age-old adage: “everything looks good on paper.” What “looks good on paper” is all things that make us look and seem: ‘positive,’ ‘righteous,’ astute with a great acumen and all things that look good and “brandable.” We don’t want to step out of line.

But there is a psychology to all this sh/t.

In a world of “likes” “dislikes” “follow” “unfollow” “friend” “unfriended” etc. everyday, these overused systems are forcing people to say things (on paper/to/in front of the world) that secretly—they dare not cop to. Meaning, their: focus, be-ings (and doings) are in directions they dare not publicize (and showcial).
The_Oprah_Winfrey_Show_logo_2011Whether branding (or being) I go by the Oprah effect Affect:

The whole entire world championed her spiritual movement and promised her they loved her and it so much so that she bought an entire network with the intention of complete 24/7/365 and began doing just that-that is…until her bless-ed ship began sinking.

I’m not going to give myself credit for it but (during sinking) in 2012/2013 via a long FB post (on her page where the subject was being discussed) I spoke my peace about the remedy (after her making a statement to the effect that she couldn’t abandon her ‘core’ audience of supporters by doing something she’d never done: Add a little drama/ mess/‘messy’ (slash) “today’s world” to her brand (that was it-the discussion-in a nutshell).

My mouth dropped because:

a) this was “Oprah” and I found it a little innocently naïve and humbling that big “her” didn’t feel she could have the power to change her own “OWN” game and

b) I found it very ‘cute’ and childlike that this woman had made it this far without understanding that she wasn’t going to get something she (her staple and brand) was never going to grow into more than what she had, if she was afraid to do what she had never done.download (11)

…but then I realized (like much of the industry ESPECIALLY the music industry/record companies-which I will touch on when I finish this article about Prince in The Guardian) that the influx of social media and the web-worldwide right at their fingertips; they weren’t paying attention to the systems that were growing and expanding around them.

I’ve been saying it since 2011-and wrote (pp. 46-56 then pp. 14-36) an entire business model around it to share with entertainment heads to in turn, share with their artists. I was trying to build a portal and streaming technology for music, books and movies to take control of all their media and digitally distribute it in ONE central location that would have pretty much knocked out all streaming services (Spotify, Pandora, etc) and gave Apple a run for its money to the strong arm extent of forcing them to join forces. No…Not even Apple could have competed with the model I designed. It was the same model I linked to Kanye in 2012 and eventually (ironically…) Seemingly, Tidal attempted to model its business model like such but it sunk because MY model was for an industry NOT 16 handpicked artists. I KNEW it was going to fail as, 16 people with big pockets, catalogs and egos was not enough to wrestle with the free-market world of social media and fans who’ve gotten entitled and spoiled to getting free art and celebrity access (who too, have been granted the same access to be “celebrities” themselves). Not even the 16 biggest stars can battle that-it takes a united industry front-collectively.

glitter gold starIt will forever amaze me how the entertainment industry (collectively) has the supplies in demand yet, a few sets of man-made social systems came through and made its heads lay down as if it were the other way around…and they just-did. Like how slavery began 400+years ago. And rested on the loins with a blue checkmark, household names, big pockets and hiring young people record execs and A&Rs to play on social and thought that was the going to be the remedy. I couldn’t believe it as I was watching this laziness unfold. download (12)

(With the exception of Prince and Prince alone) social media clouded and distracted ALL celebrities, their companies/management,  etc ability to strategize and because OF…the systems that at one time were behind the screens and below them, got on the field with them and by large-are growing bigger THAN them yet, these companies and “Oprah’s” are stuck in thinking their “big” can hang (still-like…before social media).128864612541911940310401197_OWN_BRAND_SPOT

Because I knew that until she got with the program (literally) despite all the “Oprah” she was; she was going to have to “get with the program” by giving up her ideal programming in order to raise her (then) Noah’s Arc-like sinking network above water that was caught in a storm.

Eventually, the sun came out.

She didn’t rise above water until she picked up an entire gamut and gumbo of all things people were ACTUALLY focusing on, championing and doing (i.e: drama, a little of ‘ratchetness’ reality shows etc) to varying degrees (along with THEN adding her vision and ideal to the picture and program)—she HAD to “get with the program”ming…or else.

It was obvious (to me at least) that Oprah ideal and vision was ruined and she had to press pause on her “ideal” and go with—all that WASN’T “on paper” (i.e—the strictly positive, straight and narrow and all things that the people SAID they only wanted. Instead (but in addition) she HAD to do what it was those VERY same people dare not cop to because there are two differences in what they say (versus what they really focus on, champion, love, watch, and do)…

The PROBLEM with that was…they didn’t TELL Oprah that they had curiously wretched “ratchet” sides that catered to that stuff too. They TOLD her that 24/7/365 all spirit, righteous and right was the thing to do (and they would support it 100%).

…Didn’t happen like that (and we’re talking about “Oprah”).

So that is what I call the “Oprah Effect Affect.”

download (10)download (9)You see. The “Oprah” ’s and other industry heads weren’t ready for the Amber Rose’s The Kardashians, the Love and Hip Hop’s and Real Housewive franchises etc)…NOW….the Oprah’s and MAJOR networks (who, otherwise BEFORE the playing field of the Internet was leveled) have to play THEIR game for, THEY (in allllll their “frivolousness,” and “untalented,” “vain,” “do nothing for the world” glory and splendor) are ruling…like it or not.

They are ruling because regardless of all the “positive” “righteous” and right people SAY “on paper,” or “RT” like, friend and showcial; what they ACTUALLY do, focus on and pay their money to (indirectly or directly), are the antithesis of what they showcial (which is to make themSELVES looking “positive,” “righteous” and right) but what’s WINNING…is what they dare not cop to…

Don’t believe me?download (7)

When did major programming networks forfeit their whole network acronym “Video Hits1” (VH1) and change it over to majority reality shows over video hits-and why? I’ll tell you: because (again)–regardless the fact that (“on paper”) people CLAIM not to like those types of programming (and other frivolousness), the literal reality is: they do. They love it.

proxyWhen did such a prestigious publication like “Time Magazine” get interested in the likes of an “Amber Rose?” Years before showsocial media, the likes of an Amber Rose couldn’t even comprehend the contents and likes of a Time Magazine-much less be interested in buying one and vice-versa. Years ago, (even in the “entertainment” section) the likes of the average Time Magazine reader would have been appalled and thrown for a loop to see an Amber Rose on/in a Time Magazine—pre social media.

glitter gold starEven Time Magazine had to bow down and get with the program. And if the industry of “talent” (music/movies/arts etc.) doesn’t start playing their art and game on this [already leveled] playing field like Prince does, the Amber’s AND the Kardashians of it will soon be the “Oprahs”–interviewing Oprah. It’s happening right now. I’m saying nothing you’re not witnessing.


People can sit around and bash the Kardashian’s for being no talents and wastes of space, but somewhere in this scheme of things—(and all that’s “on paper”) they ARE getting kept up with, therefore, they ARE getting your money and your attention and expanding their compound, clan, and brand every single day.

All that being explained, the “Oprah Affect” is real.images

If OPRAH had to do what she never dreamed she’d do in order to remain afloat who are YOU?

You can keep listening to what the “people” tell you “on paper” (and “showcial”) if you want to…meanwhile…the FOCUS and what they REALLY like and love is on who and what they dare not cop to…

What you’d better hurry up and know is everything “today” is like that game: “Give me five…on the backhand side” –where the backhand side is he “hand” the people won’t show and tell you. You have to pay more attention to what’s being  done rather than said.

So if you don’t want to experience the Oprah Affect, you’d better not ignore that “backhand side…”

Although you may (or may not) able to ride the waves like your peers who are beasts and your worst nightmare in the same game (whatever that game may be) it’s not so much as THEM that you’d better be paying attention to, it’s what’s NOT said (to you) that you’d better be paying attention to.

It’s RIGHT SMACK DEAD in front of your face and around you and it’s that backhand side that will slap you back to reality–if it’s not too late already, for you.

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