Bonjour. BEYONCE & NICKI MINAJ Flawlessly Perform in Paris


Bonjour Madamemoiselle and Monsieur.


We already told you that on September 12 and 13, Queen Bey would be performing in Pari and that the night was going to be one of the biggest nights of her On The Run tour (with hubby Jay Z).

10593238_1468886150060228_725453785_nWell that time has come and all eyes were on Nicki and Beyonce in Paris at Stade de France performing their hit “Flawless”-a remix of Beyonce’s “Flawless” off her latest self-titled album “Beyonce.”











🙂 Scroll up to our big screen (the carousel atop this channel) to allow two minutes and seventeen seconds tempt your taste buds for what (on September 20) you will be able to see in its entirety—provided you pay your cable bill.

10665609_1457635407858664_427011181_nAdditionally, if you feel you’ve waited long enough for the visual of the hot single, never your worry, thanks to Nicki posting a pic of director Francesco Carrozzini, the rumor mill has it that Nick and Bey are shooting the video while in Paris!

Enjoy some additional angles of footage as caught by excite fans who were there to witness the event:


Beyonce doing her thing:


Jay Z doing his thing:


Bey and Jay doing their thing together:


…order another round…It’s. About. To. Go. Down:


…Hopefully that was enough to make you feel like you were there. Needless to say, tune in to HBO on September 20 9/8c and guess what?

You are!

10683848_815582855130188_1639443803_nAu Revoir!


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