More of a Reason To ‘Get Your Coins’: For First Time In American History, LADY LIBERTY Is A Black Woman

All hell might’ve broken loose with mixed reactions to placing Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, but this next one might just make up for it never having come to fruition.

This one’s quite sweet.

Although African Americans still haven’t gotten that 40 acres and that mule or reparations to get that chance to get a fair start in life after being set back 400 years, something never happened before in American history just happened.

All praises due to the Internet and social media worlds meeting in an unexpected collide like such, ‘black beauty’ is forced to be put in the faces of all and any who other wise never cared to entertain the thought of exploring-“black beauty” in many forms other than just negative stereotypes.

Thanks to worlds colliding in this new world social order, black beauty is being uncovered in many forms: physical, facial, artistic, creative, educational. professional, spiritual, intellectual and otherwise.

Well here’s a penny a $100 coin for your thoughts:

“#BlackGirlMagic” finally gets its wings beyond a Twitter hashtag yall!

Say hello to the U.S Treasury’s Treasury and Mint official’s unveiling of the 2017 American Liberty High Gold Relief Coin.


In celebration of the U.S Mint’s 225th anniversary with a worth of a cool hun-dun in a coin,  beat brows, and all buffed up, shining and showing off her #BlackGirlMagic swag in Senegalese twists, for the first time in American History; Lady Liberty is engraved as a woman of color on actual United States currency.

This is definitely more inspiration for working hard to “get your coins” + coins designed by Justin Kuntz.

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Author: Angela Sherice