BLACK INK CREW’S CEASAR Credits Baby-Mama Drama and Overzealous Cops For His Arrest Blown Out of Proportion


…So it happened pretty much like I called it this morning. Feeling situations and people out, or connecting the dots to people’s actions, motives and motivation has never been hard to do and I’m seldom, if ever, wrong when it comes to people and situation-science, huh?

As we tolds yous, Black Ink Crew’s Ceasar was run up on by the police who had interrupted him amid inking a client-and arrested him on [a reported] 20k back pay child support order.

12246712_546351178853454_2398897331772117547_nOut on bond right now, Ceasar did set the record straight that the arrest was merely a bench warrant as a result of not showing up to an earlier court date.12191647_546351302186775_1559189402493461208_n

As well, and admitting owing less than 10k, he stated he had no idea where, or how a whopping 20k amount in arrears got circulated and too wanted to make it clear that the shop-raiding theatrics was merely the work of overzealous cops (who most probably knew he was being filmed for the VH1 reality show) in conjunction with a baby’s mother who too, wants a few minutes of fame out of all this and was able to finagle getting the situation escalated by cooperation with the system (all things considered).

He took to his social media account and explained:


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