Black Anti-#BlackLivesMatter Activist + Mayor GIULIANI Calls BEYONCE’s #Formation Police Car Shoot Disrespectful – Does A Mere Video Shoot Compare To Actual ShootINGS?


People have long accused Beyonce and Jay Z of being members of the secret society known as The Illuminati, and while neither one of the power couple had never addressed the rumors, Beyonce addressed it out the gate-in the first line of her new hit song.

Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess. 

With no understanding as to just why a “secret society” would be so unobscured so as to allow average You Tube enthusiasts to be able to decode their DaVinci code, still, these types insist their theories are the indeed the truth.

As per them all, these self evident truths are well hidden by Beyonce and the like, however brazenly hinted at in public via certain hand gestures and gyrations done across stages [in spirit of allegiance and initiations and such].



People_boycotted_Beyonc_after_her-1e2bbe7bf00f937f8b29fb089fc6f631 As if a mere gesture in a video could ever compared to, and carry the burden of hurt, pain and weight of families of countless lives lost at the hands of trigger happy police officers over these past 365 days alone (with the outcry and the attention garnered from it), one would have thought someone actually lost their life from the mere video “shoot” depicting a real life event.

You may well have heard by now, people like Mayor Rudy Giuliani and other right wingers accuse the powerhouse singer of being anti police (when, in her video, she was seen sitting atop a cruiser as it sank into the flood waters of the Louisiana set it was shot).feature8

While I’m not exactly sure any subliminal, submerged gesture will ever override 400+ years of oppression turned ignored injustices through to today will ever make it more right than people think it’s wrong, it’s safe to say however [that] it is fortunate that the police cruiser couldn’t be viewed as just one of xT0BKmrHINFBgShA7Cthe many things that did indeed sink in the Louisiana flood waters that [dos, cats, police cruisers, homes and people alike all really did sink in].

But it was Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance that, in the eyes of some, pretty much sealed the deal video’s reel: that Beyonce was sending subtle “Illuminati”-like messages in which what she was actually doing was saying much more than she actually said.



Well when conservative site ( got a hold of #BlackLivesMatter critic Jonathan Gentry’s video reading Beyonce the riot act for her Black Panther tribute on Super Bowl night, that’s beyonce sb2pretty much all anyone with right wing views needed to justify their disdain at the explosive performance-a performance which too, paid homage to the military fashion of later King of Pop Michael Jackson].

Gentry insists that in true [quote] “Bohemian Puppet” [end quote] form, like the greater yet, subtle hidden Illuminati messages she’s been accused of putting on display; the fierce, Formation femme fatale (subtly) celebrated the controversial 60s group’s 50-year anniversary at Super Bowl 50 as some form of hidden message or meaning (for whatever reason).

Additionally (which too, would be music to Giuliani’s ears), Gentry calls Beyonce out for “disrespecting” the same police that she used to escort her into the festivities that sheltered her from the public harm.



Tap in below and listen for yourself:


glitter gold starFor the record, I TOTALLY see his point. And while I can’t (in all honesty) say I don’t agree with him to some extent, symbolism has zero to do with sealed caskets (regardless at what moment in time, or where, or how, or in whatever fashion or formation a message is delivered).

Unfortunately not all personal, social, or political messages are delivered to us as sweet as a fantasy like a message in bottle.

Sometimes (like with a bottle and revolt) some revolutionary messages just have to hit us upside the head to get our attention. As long as no one was shot or killed, no harm no foul, right?


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