BILLBOARD Scolded on Twitter For Putting Baby NORTH WEST Out There (As Narcissistic?)


I know they say birds of a feather flock together but what’s a baby chickadee to do when she’s still beneath the wing of mother bird?


Let’s keep it real.


Being raised under the Kardashian cape headed by her glam-ma and social media strategist Kris Jenner, with a social media solicitist and auntie like Kylie Jenner and parents like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian; (and considering the words used in their article like: “sassy” and “strutting”) I know the whole world’s waiting to see if cutie little North West will be a product of inherent North-West-Oct-2015-630x473narcissism-I get that.

Leave it to our friends at Billboard, they just set us up about 15 years and gave the child a heads up in life for us all.

Now if you remember, I posted a video yesterday that had been going viral-showing North’s nanny holding her by the hand, brisk walking and leading the jumping jowls cutie pie to [what looked like] her little dance class.


North was met from the West by the paparazzi wolves while and in all her 2 year-old precociousness (and having been here-done that); calmly said “I-I said no pictures.”

Billboard tweetIt was so cute you had to laugh. The expression on her face and her words hardly matched her little baby body and face—and too, hardly the words a child her age should barely know to spew with such exhaustion (and mean it—the way she obviously did mean what she requested).

It wasn’t the article that put Billboard on the hot seat this afternoon so much as it was the words in the Tweet connected to the link to the article [that read]: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” which, in reading between the lines (and considering the picture of North with her mom Kim Kardashian), those few words spoke volumes.

Well so did the criticism of Billboard who was social media slammed with the opinion that the Tweet was in poor taste-considering North is just a toddler.

Since then, Billboard apologized:

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