Bid Farewell To Congrats: “Life with LaToya” Reality Star: LATOYA JACKSON Speaks Now So Forever Hold Your Peace

Update from 12.8.2013 post:

Leave it up to the static communicative life of those Gemini’s and the transmission signals that either they send out into the universe, or that which magnetically seems to surrounds them.

It’s electrifying.

(If you follow me, I just told you in a couple tweets, around November 27, about Kanye: with those Gemini’s, you have to take everything they do and say in “short trip” form). You just have to. It’s “astrologimental.”

That’s another story though.

At any rate.  

latoya_and_jeffre  Well, via word from our friends at Wonderwall, we at Other Side of the Fame were happy to report that my sissy-in-law was off in wedded bliss-only to find out that the marriage is just a rumor as confirmed in a tweet today:

I tell ya.

Charge it to the game, or charge it to the fame when it comes down to these Jackson women and these marriages. Beckham can’t even bend it like they can. Janet and LaToya are the wild-cards of celebrity marriages, almost marriages, annulled marriages, bad marriages, rumored marriages, I-didn’t-know-she-was-married-marriages, secret marriages, and rumored marriage[s] …………………………………………and stuff, things, boomerangs (and rings)…

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