BFF’ing You: The Process of “Earning” and (re) “Learning” Yourself

This message right here from my guy Rick Fox is one I absolutely love, and can relate to because I’m as demonstrative as the message and took right to it (in full understanding of it) and wanted to share.

If you didn’t listen first, I’ll run it by you-what he’s saying.

It’s about the importance of spending time with yourself-treating your own self as your own “best friend.” No, not necessarily methodically or purposely isolating your friends and people who mean the most to you-but actually taking the time to focus on, and put the spotlight on yourself: mind, body, and spirit—on a consistent basis…indefinitely…as a part of your personal lifestyle (rather than just occasionally while out here seeking and placing greater importance on external things and people over yourself) AND without the guilt of being okay with the word “selfish” (in that particular regard).

I related to that because years ago (and I don’t know if when I did this thing…it was because…sometimes writers go through this real purposeful; ‘loners’ phase, as did I) but years ago when I was writing my very first book (Mutual Understanding),

Mutual Understanging_Angela Sherice #AngFrandPodcast


I was journaling in the process and somehow, somewhere in there-I was finding that I was doing this thing called “earning” and “learning” myself in that, I started evaluating the monotony of the things I was doing, the people I was with, and around, and too; the things in life I was subscribing to—things, people, and situations that (because of the routine and monotony of it) they, and it had been just…automatically on my train. I never stopped or slowed the momentum down on UNTIL…I started getting into

Author: Angela Sherice