BEYONCE’s Mom Gets Slayed: Accused Of Lying To Cover Her Sly BET AWARDS Early Exit + Who Were Other No-Shows and ‘Got To Go’s?


Prince can play several instruments), she proved she had that “in common” with him, too.


Alicia proved she could balance several instruments, screaming fans, and make it home just in Cinderella time to bath her babies and tend to her motherly duties that her hubby Swizzz found remarkable:



 Other performers included Usher, and a beyond too “lit” for comfort: rapper, Desiigner, who uh… certainly made headlines:



While Toni Braxton and Birdman’s first night stepping out [as the couple they’re rumored to be] got overshadowed by all the shenanigans, we’re still gonna put some respecK on his name and give it an honorable mention and post up at OtherSideoftheFame.


All in all, the night went well and exceeded expectations as usual as we look forward to next years. Here’s a list of your favorites that won and were nominated:


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