BEYONCE’s BRAVERY The Sky Dive, The Spontaneous Album Drop, The Yacht Jump & Just in Time For Valentines Day: Something For You & Your Honey’s Bums

Beyonces Underwear Set

th (1) I don’t think you’r ready for this jelly.

Beyonce’s winning me over more and more.

I Am... Sasha Fierce (FanMade Album Cover) It’s refreshing to see her come from behind her creative alter-ego (“Sasha Fierce”) with first, a surprise album laced with a musical and lyrical experience that not only shocked the world, but too one in which even her former band-mate Michelle Williams was shocked to hear (and we reported).

It seems as though Beyonce is on a natural high full of adventure since shedding Sasha Fierce and giving the world fierceness belonging all to Beyonce herself while on this adventurous high she has been on (deservedly so-after spending over 12 years sharing the stage, playing it safe, and now finally; doing it all…her very own personal way).

th th (1) Beyonce Front Lace Wigs 15FWC011 It all started when she cut her hair.

th (14) She photo bombed a fan.

 th (10)  th (12) th (11)  Next, it was almost as if this her New Zealand sky dive off the Auckland Sky Tower was symbolic of, or a metaphor for her to go with the secret she must’ve had in her head: That if all went well, perhaps the risk in dropping an entire album with no marketing and whatsoever, would be a sure thing.

We all know how well that went, so no need to belabor that.

The adventure continues.

th (5)  th (6)  th (2)    th (8)  th (3) th (9)   th (4)     Just last week, she was video taped standing high above a yacht sailing the high seas, jumping from the top deck into the deep blue sea. After the jump she raised from beneath the deep waves to give her hubby Jay Z the okay that she indeed was ok—by giving The Roc symbol at the moment she took her first breath above water.

th (13) Beyonce’s recent openness, taste for adventure, and excitement doesn’t stop there.

Be on the lookout this coming Valentines Day for something for your sweetie: The sale of a his and hers underwear set to go on sale just in time for Valentines Day:

th The set includes a pair of fitted boxers for him, and a pantie (slight boy cut undie) for the ladies.

In the same font-style as her most recent album, in spirit of it, the word: “Yours” is written across the buttocks of the male boxer and the word: “Mine” is written across the buttocks of the female pantie.

The his and hers underwear set is reported to set “your body too bootylicious” back about forty bucks.

And oh…….no..they are NOT edible.

Beyonces Underwear Set

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