{OnDa Cover & In Between} BEYONCE with RIHANNA On Cover of VOGUE Special Edition

While we are still awaiting the digits of Vogue’s most promising sales numbers slated and predicted to be the recent Kim Kardashian and Kanye cover, the Wintour-edited magazine gave us all something to focus on and catch us all by surprise: Beyonce + Rihanna on the front cover of Vogue magazine’s “Special Edition” print run.

Whether the cover of Vogue (of Rihanna with Beyonce) was already planned before Manic Monday (the Monday the video of Solange mauling Jay Z in the elevator after leaving the 2014 Met Gala-hit the public) the fact of the matter is: they are indeed on the cover—together.

Beyonce_Rihanna_MET Gala 2014

Now, we all know that although it wasn’t an actual Vogue cover shoot [of the two singers posing specifically for the cover], one of many pics of the two of them together from the May 5th MET Gala 2014 were indeed chosen for Vogue’s Special Edition with Beyonce’s style deets boasting Givenchy and Rihanna’s style deets boasting Stella McCartney for the fashioned themed event that (thanks to Solange nearly two weeks later); this years’ event will most probably go down in history as MET Gala’s most memorable gathering in all of popular culture.

What better way than to strap the boots of the Rihanna “Navy” and remove the stinger from Beyonce’s “Beyhive” than to have Solange’s sister and well…Anna Wintour’s favorite girl make to cover of the Special Edition.

(Rihanna’s already snagged her third coveted American Vogue cover and a Vogue Brazil cover already).

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