Both BEYONCE & SOLANGE’s Children Get Dissed By Fans This Week – BEYHIVE Launched A Two-Day Sting On Twitter User



While just last week, a disrespectful fair-weather fan of Solange Knowles’ got off with a mere warning about dissing her young on Juelz, things didn’t go so well for another who attempted to come for her big sis Beyonce’s child: Blue Ivy.

In an ill-attempt to be mean spirited, a fan on social media felt it necessary to call Solange’s cute lil boy “ugly” after Solange merely taking a moment to share a pic of her boy dressed as 80s hip hop artist LL Cool J who then, was affectionately known for wearing a Kangol hat, Adidas warm up suits and sneakers.

Although Juelz pulled it off quite well, that didn’t stop the fan from popping off.


Being the Cancerian mom that she is as, I too, know all too well how that could have gone down-considering [the fact that] Cancer women are affectionately and over-protectively known to be mama hens about their children; things could have actually gotten “ugly” on social media. Instead, Solange took a moment to take the high road—all thankfulness due to the fact that she was in a great mood that day [that she explains] had her mood been different, her response to the diss could have gone a totally different direction.

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However, on the other side of the things and talking sideways, another fan on social media hitched a ride on ‘diss’ train but got run up by Beyonce’s Beyhive like the capital letter ‘T’ turned sideways via a rant that lasted nearly two days (beginning November 4 up through ‘til about 10 hours ago).



After taking a moment to post side by side comparisons of the two cuties (Blue Ivy and North West) a Twitter’er captioned the pic:

“The Beyhives expectations of what Blue Ivy would look like vs what she looks like”

That sent Beyonce’s hive stinging the girl from every direction-to lengths far greater than I even had time to screen shot and post.

While all this is terrible, yet good that celebrities share their world with their fans so up close and personal, the unfortunate part about that is the same thing that happens in the real world (among adults and kids alike): No matter how kind and freely you share yourself, people sometimes get to “common” with you and tend to get disrespectful (to celebrities online) and in the real world (or online)—specifically to people they feel the need to try and make themselves feel superior than, by any means (or child) necessary when (because) somewhere in this, they don’t  feel at “eye-level”-even if it’s a child, unfortunately.

Unfortunately (online) attention is the root of all evil. And this poor lil’ wilted flower said some sticky things less sweeter than honey and got swarmed.


Good news? She lived.




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