BEYONCE & JAY Z’s Trilogy of Short Films “Bang Bang” To Air During HBO Special September 20


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DARLIN BEY AND JIf you thought Bey Z’s Bonnie and Clyde alter egos would be off after On The Run, think again. It’s not a game. And from the looks of things, it has given a new meaning to there being no ‘I” in “we” and has officially retired “Sasha Fierce”—until she hits the stage.

download (25)images (50)Directed by New York filmmaker and photographer Diykal Rimmasch, the music power couple put out a trilogy of short films shot during their nearly three month On The Run tour which features Beyonce and Jay Z having met eyes and one another during Beyonce (starring) as a cotton-club singer captivated by the dapper gent (played by Jay Z).

As with any good visual of a black and white film taken place in the 60s cotton-club era, the reel takes you on their wild ride through the California desert in a dusty Pontiac-leaving watching eyes behind only to catch their dust, rather than them.images (51)

Beyonce in Bang BangEnjoy the trailer for the trilogy atop OSF’s big screen!


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