BEYONCE & JAY Z to Leave Us Hung Over & “Drunk in Love” at Tonight’s Grammy’s

  download (3)   download (1) I held back on this one until the rumors subsided and the truth reared its pretty little head. 

download (2)  Just seven days ago, and counting down since then, it was rumored Jay Z and his Pretty Hurts singer + wife and co-songspirator will DEFINITELY be opening tonight’s Grammy Awards-to bless the stage with his rap portion of the sensually-charged, highly liberated song off Beyonce’s secret, surprise, spontaneous album that she sprung on the world that early morning December 13, 2013 day.

images Well, we at Other Side of the Fame won’t front and act like we have any other G’s besides it being confirmed that the Drunk in Love couple are indeed performing the hit song however, on a Sunday night, prime time television spot on one of the entertainment industry’s biggest nights in television; we must say that the world is indeed awaiting with baited breath on the singing powerhouse to sing the sensually-charged song in front of the millions of the general public (for the first time since the hot video).

jay It is safe to say that if for no other time during the three hour show, in the beginning; all eyes will certainly be on Bey.

beyonce and jay z drunk in love  In case you didn’t know, and still have yet to even see the hot video; we’ll tell you what the song is about: “Drunk in Love” is a metaphor for/about a couples inhibitions flying free from the car, to the house, to the tub, and everywhere else within the privacy of their own home. “Drunk in Love” is lyrically symbolic of being intoxicated in love such that the lovemaking is its “elixir,” if you will.

download Toast up…because tonight, it will be hot-and going down when the curtains drop (for sure).



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