Hmm For The We Can’t: BEYONCE Under Fire For Misappropriating Culture in HYMN FOR THE WEEKEND – Is Skimming Cross Culture Appropriate Or No?

Despite Bowie’s gracious offer to decline a duet with Coldplay that, too many, thought was indeed a cold play; Beyonce stepped in a saved the day, anyway.

The hot, powerhouse superstar extended her time and shared her talent on Coldplay’s album on a song (featuring her) called Hymn for the Weekend (featured at the bottom right as one of OSF’s red carpet / spotlights).



Set to be quite the explosive performance as penciled in for one of the Super Bowl 50’s Half Time Show acts, much to Beyonce fan’s surprise the duo released the video to accompany the song but—but much to Indian’s chagrin.


With a setting that started off whimsically and looking like that video of she and Alicia Keys that we never really got (Put It In a Love Song), Coldplay and Beyonce awed many but upset a few.

With the word and concern of today being the sensitive subject of (black) cultural appropriation, (spearheaded and brought to light by Amandla Stenberg),


….this time however, the shoe is on another foot, shirt on a different back–and hijab on a different head.

It’s not just black/African American community upset at being the source of borrowed culture as an accepted pop culture prop (for anyone who’s not black/African American) as well, Indian / Muslim cultures have a problem with their styles from their culture being used as props for pop.


Therein lay Indian’s upset with Beyonce because she appears in the video all dressed up in a Muslim hijab, threads and costume from India-complete with

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