BEYONCE “Drunk in Love” at the GRAMMYS: Some Say She Poured it Up Others Say Dry, I Say “Poured it Up” I’ll Tell You Why

beyonce and jay z drunk in love If you haven’t already, read two of our previous blogs: one, about former bandmate Michelle being “embarrassed” about Beyonce’s brazen sexy and as well, my blog on my curiosity about how she was going to deliver at last nights Grammys…

Be9QswmCcAAVdMw Well, we already know that the lead singer of Destiny’s Child is liberated and this visual album is such that Beyonce Knowles broke out of her shell and as well-the shell of Sasha Fierce and is making us all see that there are several facets to “Bey.”

 Be9Q2DgCMAAIXVM   When news spread that Beyonce was going to open + bless the Grammy stage with Drunk in Love” (a highly sensual song whose lyrics are symbolic of being drunk with love to the point of lovemaking being the elixir but with no intoxication comparable to the feeling of being inebriated with the love she feels for the object of her desire and to whom the inhibited lyrics belong.

Be8vLB_CEAAS5Go Sure, we all know that is non other than Jay Z, but as far as we were all concerned, with lyrics like such, and opening a major prime time show; she belonged to the world and millions of viewers for the night:

Be8xQ5iCYAAxvTd  How in the world is she going to perform on national television to the words of that song,” in a way unlike at her private concert?” I wondered.

images (7) For a long time, Beyonce played it too safe and when she wanted to break out-she hid behind “Sasha Fierce.” As an artist, with her next effort, the only way for her to go was up-so she turned up.

Be9UO-nIYAA_2uL  For me, I love this sultry R & B Beyonce, even if on her next effort she tones it down and brings back “pop Beyonce.” Because for me, as a visual artist, I knew that she was hiding behind “Sasha Fierce.” The concept of this visual album, laden with all its racinesss, was exactly what she was hiding behind during “Sasha Fierce,” and it annoyed me-I didn’t trust her, I didn’t respect the gimmick. I didn’t trust Beyonce because I knew this very album was in her  but she chose to play it safe by up-playing “Sasha Fierce” and letting “Beyonce” play it safe [hiding behind “Sasha Fierce”].

Be8rocVCcAAweq3 Well needless to say, Beyonce (in all her Sasha Fierceness) in a Burlesque-ish, versus raunchy way-delivered (to an 8pm prime time major television show) tastefully (as compared to the dance number she could have done to match the lyrics of the song).  And one thing still remains during this Beyonce change: She is a professional that knows how to change her tune to suit the audience, and as well, so as to not compromise her artistic integrity by still giving us a “show” and that—she did:

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