BEYONCE Unbothered: Continues to Rock Her Retro Style w/Short Bangs



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Whether her new bangs were inspired by Janine Garofulo “Reality Bites?”


…or by her comparison and inspiration Tina Turner










b(Angela Bassett’s retro-60s bang like in the Tina Turner biopic “What’s Love Got To Do With It”)









…or whether she was simply inspired by her self, reminiscent of her video Why Don’t You Love Me?

…the fact of the matter is, having worked music (solo and duo), Beyonce is  expanding her fashion and style horizons while working the historic culture/art/museum scenes in London–painting the town red with her banging presence and as well: working those bangs (whether her critics like it or not). Beyonce is all smiles and laughs-either way, unbothered.

Hey, if Beyonce wants to cut her bangs and wear a style (that soon-you all will be mimicking too), let her lead the way for yous already : )!

(Besides, if you know anything about fashion trends, Tokyo and London run neck in neck with leading the way-wayyy before the U.S. …Beyonce knows what’s she’s doing).

Have at her gallery of pics, obviously not caring about what her critics are saying:

I think it’s working for her, and she is working IT…especially with that black/plum lipstick.


I thought only:

  • Foxy Brown
  • Mary J. Blige
  • my mom
  • my cousin Krista


  • Rihanna

were the only ones and it world that could pull black/plum lipstick off—that’s it…no one else! But Beyonce officially made my list on that list too I see. Whodathunkit!? It’s oddly perfect with her new bangs and stunner shades…I dunno why.????????????????????????????????????????????

I’m sorry. I “get” it.

She is working the damn thang bang : )~

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