BEYONCE #BreaksTheInternet: Opens All Night With ” 7/11 “

7_11Beyonce7As long as you don’t try this at home—you’ll be good.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a video that required the warning sign: “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.”

Whoever shot this video forgot to do it.

While Beyonce’s the originator [and has broken the mold on] dropping full length album’s (with no marketing or advertising in advance) in the middle of the night, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t drop video’s of new music…in the middle of the night.

While 7/11 (the convenience store) may be open all night, Beyonce must’ve felt like we all would BEY-too, when she conveniently dropped her video for “7/11”—in the middle of a Friday night.


The Queen of this &h\t…

While your shamelessly, desperately imitated, but never duplicated most peeped blogger and favorite blog mag that you can’t wait [to get non-redundant, anti-basic/anti-corny perspective and slant from] just told you that we rarely get too much of Beyonce’s “person” and disposition beyond her being in interview and stage performance mode, ya girl dropped a load on us last night!



We love it that Beyonce kept it fun and simple and actually did a 2014 version of an 80s Cyndi Lauper “Girl’s Just Wanna have Fun”—doing just that: Having fun with her girls.


In nothing short of what could very well have been some iPhone footage for 3:37, Beyonce opened up another side of herself that we all should have know was coming after I dropped this pic just early yesterday:

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…even at that time, I squinted and said: “What’s going on here-we’re getting some play from Beyonce?”

7_11Beyonce__I SWEAR that picture stuck out at me-hence why I made it the blogs header photo. I’m just now noticing the 7/11 cup! It was her unusually being animated.

Now we know what space and spirit she was in!

Well, I’ll shut up and let you see for yourself, Beyonce doing everything from: 80s pop locking through to today’s twerking while turning back red cups and turning UP with the girls.

Check it out atop this blog’s private screening on the OSF big screen!


For the record (literally) “7/11” will be featured on Beyonce’s Platinum Edition album scheduled to drop on November 24. Available now on iTunes:


The message: Be yourself!


“I’m fresher than youuuu”


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