BEYONCE Alter-Egos as Paparazzi To JAY Z and Blue Ivy While in Paris



Fresh out Bey Z’s world famous tour, in his famous words, from one of my favorite songs:

“I am him

Around the world now I’m back again

Who’s been askin’ ‘bout me?

In case you’re wonder-rer-in!

I’m right ‘cheah

In my chair

With my crown

And my dear

Queen Bee, as I share:

Mic time

With my heir

Young Carter

Go farther, go further, go harder

Is that not why we came? And if not, then why bother?”


…art imitated life in a way for rapper Jay Z in the city of ‘Par-ree.’

The Carter’s were spotted out catching some culture in the city where it all began, where the question was popped and too, where conception, love, and life began: Paris. It’s all come full circle now.

This time however, they brought along with them; the result of their love having brought to fruition–their flower child: Blue Ivy, who seemed to be enjoying herself-having no idea she was visiting the beautiful Mona Lisa, and at a place beautiful in the hearts of her famous mom and dad.

Letting her hair down and having a little fun, rather than being famous this time around, Beyonce opted to carry on her very own alter-ego Derek Blanks photography-style of role play of sorts:

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“Ova der I swear I saw them cameras flash

Handprints and footprints on my glass

Handprints and good grips all on my a$$”

jayz-beyonce-blue-ivy-paris-museum…standing behind the lens of the camera and blending into the crowd  taking paparazzi shots of her famous husband and adorable child [right along with the paparazzi].

 “Yonce. Yonce. Yonce.”

Real life came into view however when one French tourist, papzi (or onlooker) proceeded to question just who this man carrying the baby was, by asking:

“Who is he?” to which Jay Z replied: “Who are you?”

1413127794841_wps_42_Beyonc_Knowles_and_Jay_Z_As well, Blue Ivy got her chance to play paparazzi and was photographed getting her chance to do what she has been growing up with and will continue to experience for the rest of her life: seeing from behind the lens of a camera from eyes that will always on her—like her famous mom and dad.

All done


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