BEY Z’s Last Night in Paris: Love, Expression (and Conception?)


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images (46)September 12 and 13 were monumental nights for Bey Z, not only because it remarks the end of their On The Run tour in the romantic city of Paris, but as well, Stade de France stadium where the two night shin-dig took place, is where the HBO taping of the tour was done [to be aired on September 20th 9/8c].

We already told you about who showed up to perform their hit single (“Flawless”) for the first time together and as well, let Jay Z tell it; something else might be showing really soon.


In front of a sold out crowd and in a trance, mesmerized already + hanging on to every lyric as sang by Bey Z; they were serenaded with an adlib of changed lyrics in which, while rapping his song “Beach is Better,” Jay Z changed the lyrics from:

I replace it with another one

To [what was captured as him having replace the lyrics with]:

Pregnant with another one

 We’re clairvoyant and psychically intuitive over here! jay-z-beyonce__Don’t say we didn’t call it a month ago!

At any rate.

Along with new speculation, love was certainly in the air on this emotional last night of the tour.

images (48)images (49)Over the past few months, the celebrated couple suffered some highs, lows and many public blows.

images (45)But what looks like after the night of the VMAs, tough terrain and turbulence was a thing of the past for Bey Z.

Overcome with emotion and on the verge of tears Beyonce expressed (in front of the audience):

“I’m your biggest fan. I love you so much. Give it up for Mr. Carter!”

Beaming with pride, Jay Z replied:

I want to say it’s been an honor and a pleasure sharing the stage with you. I couldn’t dream for anything else to be in a stadium with the woman I love, who I believe is the greatest entertainer of our time. Make some noise for Beyonce,” he said.

Thank you Paris, France. What a beautiful night. I will never forget this,” said Jay Z-followed by Bey Z walking off stage with their arms around one another.

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