Bey Good: BEYONCE Shines Spotlight On Haiti Five Years After Devastating Earthquake




Despite the stings and lukewarm reception to her “big announcement” coming in the form of Queen Bey announcing her latest passionate venture being met with repellent by her Beyhive, mama Bey is still-a-buzzin.’

Via her organization: “Bey Good” Beyonce has been active in her efforts in overseeing the health and care of Haitians since hit by the devastating earthquake in 2010.

BeyGood_Beyonce in Hait


For a while now, her humanitarian efforts towards the cause haven’t been as much interest as her celebrity, therefore, little is known about what she does and why she does it.

Now, off the run from touring and other “Bey Z” duties, Beyonce has taken it upon herself to open the doors of her life off the stage as she puts the spotlight on where still, it is badly needed.


Bringing awareness to the only children’s hospital in Haiti (funded in whole by donations) is a huge feat for Haiti as, many still suffer from diseases from dirty water and other ailments stemming from the earthquake five years ago.


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